Transitioning to the crib

We have been sleep training for almost 2 weeks now and to be honest it is a very slow process… I’ve been following a no cry sleep solution, and its a slow process. However, I do feel like there has been some progress and I hope that eventually we will be sleeping through the night… For now I will take every small success I can get!

It started with Dalton sleeping in my bed snuggled up against me… The first night for about 2 hours, every 10 minutes he would wake up and cry out. I’d get him back to sleep and then 10 minutes later do it again… the next 4 nights were basically the same thing… This week has been a little better so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it just keeps getting better!

I have been super exhausted but I’m happy with the way things have been going. I know eventually he will be in his room all night and we will both be getting better sleep! I’m hoping that this will happen before my next semester of classes begin!

School is another post I need to write! I have been frustrated with the financial aid people, so please send good vibes that I can get the financial aid stuff worked out and get this exam I need passed ASAP!


Sleep training!

I had written this post on my phone and managed to delete everything! Sheesh!

Well we started about 6 days ago because he is almost 9 months and we are home no more surgeries or vacations coming up and about 5 weeks before I have to start classes again, so the perfect time to sleep train is now and so far I have not been doing very well.

Its that darn middle of the night wake up that has been throwing me off! After 1:30 am I am a zombie so I wake up and feed him and end up falling asleep with him in my arms and then he gets to co sleep again… so I need to be tough on myself and make sure I get back up and get him back in his crib…

some nights were really rough and I put him back to bed and then he fought it and for the next 1-2 hours he’d wake every 10 minutes or so and I’d calm him down and put him back to bed some of these nights he’d eventually go down and a few nights I caved from exhaustion and he ended up in my bed… so there hasn’t been a huge improvement but on the plus side he has been sleeping for at least  3 hours a night in his crib so in a way that is a big improvement and now I just need to get him used to sleeping in there the entire night! Oh, and another big improvement his that he’s been sleeping a nice 4 hour stretch once in a while which is great for me!

For now I plan to be exhausted until this is over! Tonight I will try my best to get him to bed and to stay in his bed and not fall asleep from the middle of the night feeding! one goal at a time right!

Goals for sleep training

  1. Take all naps in his crib… (so far so good)
  2. Get him to bed in his own crib… ( doing good here)
  3. stay awake and put him back in his crib… (still working on the rest of the goals.)
  4. Get him to sleep all night in his crib…
  5. get him to fall asleep on his own in his crib..

2017 memorial weekend and fathers day celebrate (31).JPG

I can’t believe he’s almost 9 months! This pic was from father’s day Love it here’s another one because I just can’t get enough…

2017 memorial weekend and fathers day celebrate (48).JPG

Bad blogger…

I’ve been a terrible blogger lately… I have become that blogger that used to blog my every thought and then baby comes along and I blog less and less… but I miss it! I miss clearing my head and reading other blogs…

I plan on reinventing my blog a tad… I used to post very positive posts because thinking positive helps me feel positive! Well I will be trying to do more of that now!

I have some projects for this summer while I’m not in school! so i will be working on a lot of thst! As well as catching up on my blogs and vlogs…

We are finally transitioning Dalton to his own bed too!!!

Hes up again so thats all for now folks


I sit here in my home town 500 miles from my current home and for the mist part it has been wonderful!!! I miss Red like crazy, but I needed this vacation!

I know he needs one too,which makes me feel guilty! But with my grandparents health getting worse all the time I was afraid they’d be gone if I waited to long!

But this has also been an escape for me…an escape from the heat…an escape from my daily stressors! I try to not focus on the negative things in my life, but sometimes they are literally screaming in my face! I feel like I’ve hit my breaking point in many ways… it has caused me to be a hermit in my own home… hiding out in my bedroom to avoid conflict or irritation…

It’s hard for me to not say anything so I frequently practice that whole “if you have nothing nice to say” rule… I used to feel like I was strong enough to handle it all, I knew that Jean was a roomate and that D would eventually be a bull headed teenager. However, Jean went from roomate to dependent, and D went from a strong willed kid to bull headed teen/adult making terrible decisions and unwilling to listen to anything. D is a wonderful person with a huge heart and the most beautiful smile, but he is making bad decisions and rubbing off on his little brother who thinks he and his friends are so cool… Jean went from a grumpy room mate to a very selfish and inconsiderate dependent. She has no plans on ever going into a nursing home, yet she fully expects us or the children to do everything for her… These things plus full time student and taking care of an infant are just a little to much for me to handle.

What am I supposed to do?

I’ve tried talking but I’ve gone unheard…they acknowledge my concerns but nothing changes… So since I ran away, just for a month, but I ran to my family where my only stress (which is the one stress I welcome and enjoy always) is my infant…and some stress from my sisters but not much, nothing I can’t walk away from, where as my stress at home I can’t just ignore and walk away from.

I miss my husband so much, but I don’t miss Jean… I miss D and A but I don’t miss dealing with D when he’s being stubborn or making bad choices… I miss my husband and that’s all I miss right now…

I want some things to be different in our lives but right now I can’t change anything… I’m working on the things that I can control like the change in career, I have only 2 years left and that will have changed…I want to change where we live but that can’t happen until after the change in careers so it too is slowly being worked on, we have a half ass 5 year goal/plan… I can’t change the Jean situation, and I can’t force D to change his behavior… I hate running away from them (only for a month) but I’m so glad I’m away from them right now… but this temporary fix is going to end and I Will be right back where I was a month ago…

Bottle for each…

Dalton had a bottle for his bedtime drink and I had 2 bottles of beer ! Craziness right! But I Was celebrating because I am done with my semester and that means that I have completed all the requirements for my associates degree!!!! On Monday I walk! Wootwoo!

I am so happy to be done!

That doesn’t mean I’m on summer break yet! I have to take some exams that all teachers must take before I can take some of my upper level courses and I take those exams next month so I will be prepping this month for those exams!

Once I have those done I will be on Summer break for real! But right now I am just so very happy to be completely done with my semester!!! I am also slightly uncomfortable right now because I need to breastfeed my poor boobs are keeping me awake, but mostly I am just happy to be finally finished!

I will miss my college but I am so happy to be off to the university where I will finish my degree!!! I’m half way there now!!!

2 classes done 3 to go!!! 

I started the semester with an 11 week old baby and 5 classes! I know have 3 classes left to finish and my big almost 7 month old! School sure makes time fly! Monday I babysat my nephew while studying for finals, he is only a week older than my son so it’s like having twins for a day once a week it’s great (and I give extra props to you real twin mama’s because 2 babies is exhausting!)

Anywho’sits… On Monday when I left my besties house I decided I would stop by the park and take some new photos of Dalton… My fertility clinic asked me to submit some and possibly to use them for their baby calendar so I needed some new ones…So we stopped by the park next to my house and he had just woken up from a nap so he was in a great mood and I got some amazing pictures! I love my new camera it was a great purchase that I will use over and over! Heres a few adorable pics!

6 month collage6 month photoshoot print 3

I came home and finished my notes for all my upcoming Exams, cooked dinner, played a game with the family, bathed little man and then me n hubby went for a nice stroll around the neighborhood and little man fell asleep and didn’t even wake when I took him out of his stroller!

Fast forward to Today, Tuesday… Woke up and made coffee when I came back to the room Dalton was cooing and smiling which was a nice surprise because most mornings he cries and grumps until he’s all the way awake, we got dressed and Hubby picked us up because he had to sign some papers at the University with me… it was actually really nice because the weather was gorgeous and we got to explore the huge campus! I got my list of required courses for my next 2 years and then a list of what I will be taking each and every semester! I do need to finish enrolling in one of the classes but I have to get approval I took the prereq at my college but it’s under a different title at the university so I have to get that cleared up… I finished setting up and signing up for all the stuff at the financial department…

Came home ate lunch played with Dalton, enrolled in my classes for next semester…gathered my stuff and off to the college to take my Chem Lab final…I think I did well but grades wont be posted until tomorrow… Finally got home nursed baby boy, ate dinner, and watched a show with the hubster…

Tomorrow is going to be absolutely crazy! I have 2 finals tomorrow…a concert for my older son…and a wellness dr apt for dalton as required by insurance!!!! Thursday is my last class and then next Monday I’m graduating  my CSN I will miss this college but I’m excited for the next adventure at the university!!!


Snuggle kind of day…

I should have been productive today… I wonder how many times I have started posts like that in the last year? 

Well it was another day like that today…I’m nursing right now while I write because it’s my free time hahaha… it was too hot (already!) To be outside very long… Dalton was great as long as he was somehow touching me so instead of getting much done homework wise I ended up cuddling and watching movies all day….

Once he’s asleep I’ll be doing work! I love this little guy so much but HE makes it hard to pull myself away to do school work! 

I just feel like this is all happening so fast he’s growing so quickly and after all the years of waiting it’s going by fast! I don’t want to miss a thing! I know that will never change so it motivates me to get through school that much faster! So that I’ll have more time to just focus on him… One of the perks of being a teacher is that we’ll always be on the same schedule! 

Almost there…


, ,

Graduation is 2 weeks away! I’m so excited and exhausted and excited and exhausted! Finals are next week this week is small assignments and tons of studying!!! 

I have so much to do even after I graduate I still have a lot to do!!! But I’m not going to focus on the overwhelming stuff I’m just going to focus on the excitement of graduation! 

Switching careers and going back to school has been one of the scariest and best decisions I have ever made! I was worried about it being a long time of school and little to no pay but I’m half way there! I can start subbing and make a little money while I finish my degree! 

I get to go to an awesome university! I’m proud of myself 10 years ago I never would have believed that I could do it! I’ll be even more proud when I finish my degree!!! 

Harder than I thought…

Being a mom is the most wonderful and amazing thing I have ever done. College has been a wonderful expierence. However, doing them at the same time is harder than I imagined! I knew it would be difficult I didn’t know how hard. I am making it work but it is exhausting!

I’m also the kind of person who tends to say yes to favors for friends and family even if it puts extra stress on me, but I really need to get that under control because I can’t do everything even if I want to think I can! I am looking forward to this semester coming to an end because it means I have my associates and summer break begins. But I am also nervous about the university next Semester! The next two years I will have to be telling my family and friends NO and put school and Dalton first! I tend to put family first but I will need to narrow that down to just my husband and kids first!

I’m afraid of not passing the Exams that I need to pass before I can start my Junior year! I am nervous of how to balance it all because the university is no joke! I’m afraid of how much time I will be stuck on campus trying to find and afford babysitters. I know I still have a few months before this! Tomorrow I am calling my adviser at the university to set up an apt. and hopefully I will get a few questions answered. Time to start another list so that I don’t forget anything!

I have 2.5 weeks left of this semester and then I will have the time I need to get everything finished! I will be taking a tour of the university, the adviser meeting, an exam prep class, the exams, and finish enrolling in my classes for the fall semester. Once all of this is done I will be able to enjoy my summer vacation and just be able to focus on littlest man!

This summer I’m going to be working to get Dalton to sleep through the night but that’s a post for another day. My hopes are that more sleep will make the next semester a little easier! The next 2.5 weeks is all crunch time so that I can finish my classes! My grades are okay but it has been a struggle and not a content struggle as much as a time to get it all done kind of struggle! I’ve made some stupid mistakes like writing down exam/ assignment times or dates wrong, being sleep deprived during exams, tests, and having difficulty focusing on homework with a crying or nursing baby in my lap! It has been really difficult and I am not on the A honor roll this semester which makes me sad but hopefully I’ll still have a good GPA at the end of all this I think I have one class that is borderline a C and that is driving me nuts! Especially since the professor seems to be no help at all. He is very disengaged with the course, he was forced to do this course at the last minute and he is a total A$$hole because of it! Which is even more stressful! I’m super stressed and having a hard time falling asleep because of it! Of course, when I finally fall asleep baby boy wakes up to nurse and then I’m back to awake and can’t sleep! I need some luck while finishing this semester!

6 Months! The half birthday!

Oh my wordpress!!! My baby boy is a whole 6 months old!!! The years waiting for him dragged by! The fertility treatments dragged by! The pregnancy (especially the last 6 days) dragged by! The labor was excruciatingly slow (both physically and mentally) and now all of a sudden like the blink of an eye, he is 6 months old!

SO much has happened in the last month that I don’t even know where to begin!


I guess the biggest one is that he said MAMA!!!!!!!!!!! he said it multiple times and I have witnesses! It was the best 2 syllable word ever! I have been waiting my whole life to hear those words in reference to me!

HE got to celebrate his first Easter which was adorable he loved watching his big brothers hunt for eggs! We put a few empty plastic ones around him and he’s pick them up yell at them and taste them it was adorable!


HE sits up for a long time now and reaches for things but every now and then loses his balance… He hasn’t figured out how to sit from laying down but he tries if he is even slightly propped like on his boppy or leaning back on me he can sit up from there!


He is 19 lbs and 7 oz and 28 inches long! He wears size 9-12month clothing and is so much fun!

April 2017 (21).JPG

He gives the best slobbery kisses and hugs…

his favorite games are pass the baby and peekaboo by throwing a blanket on his head and letting him pull it off…
He loves all his toys but nothing is better than mama’s water bottle!


He sits in his highchair during family time and got to try Pears for his 6 month bday dinner which was a hoot!


He rolls all over the place even during diaper changes!


HE is the sweetest ray of sunshine I love this little guy so much I can’t believe how big and fast the days are going!