I’ve been watching the real estate market since before I graduated college. We really should have moved last year. I have been watching and I swear the same week that we signed papers to be in contract to sell the real estate market in my hometown died. There is absolutely nothing on the market and I’m starting to get worried. Mind you it has only been a week since I got the job. But holy frick! now that papers are signed and choices are made there is literally not a single house for sale in my hometown. There are some scary trailers and blank property but no houses at all!

I’m not going to lie. I’m panicking a little bit! I really didn’t think there would be nothing even if we were limited I didn’t think it would be nothing. All I pray is that in 3 weeks when we go to spring break there is something for us to look at, I really hope that we will find our house and be moved in before school starts! Please universe give us a nice house to move into that we will be comfortable and happy in.