Writing is such a strong processing tool for me. I used to get insecure that I would be viewed as negative but the truth is I write when I’m stressed. Sometimes I just need to get it out, get all the chaotic thoughts organized so that I can process and deal with them one at a time.

Here are my current stressors. I have general life and work stuff to balance which is hard enough. We have had nonstop house work getting everything ready for the sale. Then we are house hunting in Elko my sister is my Realtor and was also working with a partner some drama came up and now I am only willing to work with one realtor. I am not going to deal with a bunch of in between crap. I do not want to feel caught in the middle of anything and it was very uncomfortable. So I told my sister either she needs to be able to do it without a partner or I’m going to need to go to a different Realtor because I just feel very uncomfortable with everything. That is unneeded stress. I literally had a migraine due to it all it was ridiculous.

I am exhausted and ready to just look for a house with zero drama. I feel like what we have been seeing has been getting better and more frequent. We are on our way to finding the home, the fact that interest rates and house prices are both still increasing which sucks. So here we are. I am tired but I am hopeful that we will be able to proceed looking for our house and that we will find something that we love soon. I hope at least.

Tomorrow is my last day of spring break. I have a few very important things I know that we needed to do. But that requires phone calls I couldn’t make on a Sunday. I also have a few little things I need to get done for school. I only have 5 weeks left of the school year and still no closer to finding and closing on a home. I so badly want to just be done. Instead I will need to call and set up a storage unit for June, the exciting thing will to start moving things up north and be getting ready to have a major change of scenery. I’m not going to lie this big move has it’s scary moments and I’m glad that I am moving somewhere familiar.

I really need to find a way to process this stress better because I am exhausted and at times sick to my stomach over it. I will be happier when I can just breathe!