It’s 2 am. I had a rough week. I’m stressed about too many things at once. I’m having anxiety issues and it sucks. I’m trying to use the tools I know to get out of this funk but my chest is heavy and my mind is racing. Ugh i hate it!

Writing is often my stress relief so I figured why not try tonight.

On mother’s day my 17 yr old step son was actually here! I was super excited because it’s so rare for him to be with me on mother’s day and he’s chosen to not move with us so it could be the last one where we are close to eachother. I was excited. I was sick, but still excited. The day before I spent nonstop running to make his prom super special. He ended up ditching me the entire day. I begged him to spend time and he blew me off. Hubby was so sick he slept all day. so I just packed N hoped my SS would be home soon to spend the day with me. He never did. About 9pm Dalton the 5 yr old mentions something about mother’s day and SS asks if he told me happy mothers day, I tell him he did not Nd his response was that he told so many ppl he couldn’t remember which he’d said it too. Which honestly just hurt more.

The next day at work was hard and u had 3 days with no prep and a list a mile long to complete by next week.

Closing date on the new place is now a week later and my truck is still not ready for me to pick it up. I was so furious that I called and then cried on the phone to the case manager. Figured instead of my hubby feeling guilty, the car place could. I never yelled and rarely let ppl hear me cry but I cried.

We have 2 weeks til we move. My stomach is in knots over everything.

Then we get a knock on the door of my son’s gf gaurdian talking to us about how Adin is sneaking her into our house every night for 2 weeks.

Being a mom is hard.

Being a teacher is hard.

Not having my truck is complicated.

Moving is stressful.

I’m ready for the next week to be over so that I can be ready to handle a few less things.