I married my best friend Red in 2013… I have two of the most amazing stepsons a mom could ever ask for the oldest is Thing 1 or(D) I will be calling him both in these blogs but he is a full blown teenager (gulp) but he’s a lot of fun and I have known him since he was 5… My youngest I have known since he was a baby and he is almost a preteen I shall call him Thing 2 or (A)…

Well for the last 5 years I have been dreaming of having a baby with my best friend but there have been a few road blocks… Long story short the only way we will conceive is with IVF w/ ICSI accompanied with PESE for my hubster we have had  a lot of bumps in the road but we are hopeful that we will be pregnant sometime in the not to distant future….but only time will tell… These blogs are a place for me to clear my head while I’m a part of this roller-coaster…



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