The FET begins…

Due to super high estrogen levels after retrievel and trying to combat the beginning stages of OHSS we had to cancel a fresh transfer and wait to do FET (Frozen Embryo Transfers! I added in all the posts that I felt were important to how my journey went, the good, the bad, and the ugly

Moving on to FET

oh let’s wait…and wait…and wait some more…

Attitude adjustment…

Tomorrow we have an apt…

UPDATE!!! vlog style…

One more day until Transfer!!!!!

So excited!!!

Vlogging it



Specks of blood


7 days past…one week since transfer…


Moving on after our first failed cycle

no longer pupo

tomorrow is cd3

Reds turn to struggle…

Oh November…   This marks the end of our first FET…

FET 2.0 begins


Shortest time on BCP and good news

4 days of BCP left 🙂

Homeschooling and life…

FET 2.0 Apt. Update

So super excited….

Transfer date is set!

I survived my first PIO shot

1 more day!

After the transfer of FET 2.0

Transfer went very smooth


Passing time…


Can I just sleep for the next month or 10– if you can imagine from the tittle we lost the pregnancy… Worst part was I was told we were beginning to miscarry on Red’s birthday and had the choice of D&C or let it pass naturally I decided the naturual route!

Why am I unable to get pregnant!

RPL panelYesterdays chaos

sweetest most selfless gesture!

Blood draw day…

Not over yet!

So many thoughts…

The Transfer of our Last Embryo… FET 3.0 (still working on this)

Bright Outlook…refreshing to feel like me!

At night…day 2 estrogen

A moment of realization…

Semi-secret cycle…

Transfer Date is set!

This is going to work

Fried brain, over easy!

I almost did it! (Warning needles pics)

Transfer finally!

1dpt…oh look a new rollercoaster ride…


At this point…

Holy hell I’m going crazy

scared myself!


Beta week hell!